Route discovery with constant memory in oriented planar geometric networks

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  • We address the problem of discovering routes in strongly connected planar geometric networks with directed links. Motivated by the necessity for establishing communication in wireless ad hoc networks in which the only information available to a vertex is its immediate neighborhood, we are considering routing algorithms that use the neighborhood information of a vertex for routing with constant memory only. We solve the problem for three types of directed planar geometric networks: Eulerian (in which every vertex has the same number of incoming and outgoing edges), Outerplanar (in which a single face contains all vertices of the network), and Strongly Face Connected, a new class of geometric networks that we define in the article, consisting of several faces, each face being a strongly connected outerplanar graph.

  • Chávez, E., Dobrev, S., Kranakis, E, Opatrny, J., Stacho, L., & Urrutia, J. (2006). Route discovery with constant memory in oriented planar geometric networks. Networks, 48(1), 7–15. doi:10.1002/net.20114
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  • 2006-08-01


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