Induced subgraphs of bounded degree and bounded treewidth

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  • We prove that for all 0 ≤ t ≤ k and d ≥ 2k, every graph G with treewidth at most k has a 'large' induced subgraph H, where H has treewidth at most t and every vertex in H has degree at most d in G, The order of H depends on t, k, d, and the order of G. With t = k, we obtain large sets of bounded degree vertices. With t = 0, we obtain large independent sets of bounded degree. In both these cases, our bounds on the order of H are tight. For bounded degree independent sets in trees, we characterise the extremal graphs. Finally, we prove that an interval graph with maximum clique size k has a maximum independent set in which every vertex has degree at most 2k.

  • Bose, P, Dujmović, V, & Wood, D. (2005). Induced subgraphs of bounded degree and bounded treewidth. doi:10.1007/11604686_16
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  • 2005-12-01


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