Report: Rural Youth Health in Canada, Sweden and Australia

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  • The small size coupled with remoteness of rural communities in Canada, Australia, and Sweden introduce challenges in accessing sufficient health services (1-3). The sparse health services in rural areas impose “the tyranny of distance” on rural and remote populations, necessitating lengthy travel times to receive care. Despite the increased challenges rural communities face, a dearth of research on rural health persists, particularly rural youth health (4,5).
    A broad scoping review was undertaken to identify literature regarding rural youth health in Canada, Australia, and Sweden. The studies were coded according to
    population focus, health focus, access, and general. The scoping review produced the Rural Youth Health Scoping Review Database, which provides an overview of the available research on rural youth health.

  • Sinclair, Laleah, LeBlanc, Michele, Sendanyoye, Claudia, & Peters, P. (2020, July 6). Report: Rural Youth Health in Canada, Sweden and Australia. Spatial Determinants of Health Lab. doi:10.22215/sdhlab/2019.6
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  • 2020-07-06


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