Timescapes: Putting history in your hip pocket

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  • In this work we discuss our efforts to use the ubiquity of smart phone systems and the mobility they provide to stream historical information about your current place on the earth to the end user. We propose the concept of timescapes to portray this historical significance of where they are standing and allow a brief travel through time. By combining GPS location, with a rich media interpretation of existing historical documents, historical facts become an on-demand resource available to travellers, school children, historians and any interested 3rd party. To our knowledge this is the first introduction of the term timescape to be used in the context of historical information pull. Copyright

  • Whitehead, A, & Opp, J. (2013). Timescapes: Putting history in your hip pocket. Presented at the 28th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications 2013, CATA 2013.
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  • 2013-09-05


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