Approaches to Social Innovation Hub Governance: Workshop Report: Includes : Final Report

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  • Completed for: Community Opportunity & Innovation Network (COIN) Supervising Professor: Tom Whillans Trent Centre for Community-Based Education

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  • Abstract: This workshop implemented SAS2 community-based research methods to facilitate direction for the Peterborough Centre for Social Innovation (PCSI) on their governance, operations, collaborations and finance strategies during their pilot project. The results will be used to provide direction on the selection of two or three case studies for interview to understand how successful social innovation organizations have connected to the community need. The results of the governance models workshop demonstrated that the PCSI should remain flexible to be reactive to the environment as many participants supported a hybrid governance and collaboration model. In addition, the operation and collaboration workshop showed that there was strong support for work space, kitchen space and programming that would provide outreach opportunities to the community. Facilitating a locally-focused social innovation centre was also a key foundation for the participants. This workshop report outlines phase one's literature review on social innovation governance and strategies, workshop results and discussion, as well as recommendations and the conclusions of this community-based research.
    Prepared by Sara Fralin,Andreina Pulido and Elizabeth Teleki

  • Fralin, Sara, Pulido, Andreina, & Andreina, Elizabeth. (2013, May 6). Approaches to Social Innovation Hub Governance: Workshop Report: Includes : Final Report. Community-First: Impacts of Community Engagement Project. doi:10.22215/cfice-2013-03
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  • 2013-05-06


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