Collaboration in Combating Identity Fraud

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  • The problem of identity theft is complex, spans the boundaries of many organizations, companies and countries, and affects numerous entities in different ways at different times. However, given the nature of the problem, it is extremely difficult and costly for an individual or an organization to fight it on its own. An increasing number of practitioners and researchers have started to indicate that the success of identity theft management relies on joint efforts of different stakeholders. Collaboration, generally defined as 'working together to some end' is believed to have the potential of delivering numerous benefits to its participants when properly executed. This paper discusses different aspects of collaboration efforts undertaken by organizations in order to fight identity theft.

  • Kumar, V, Kumar, U, & de Grosbois, Danuta. (2007). Collaboration in Combating Identity Fraud. Sprott Letters, November(2007).
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  • 2007-11-01


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