Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire and the First World War : combining imperialism and the cult of true womanhood for the war effort

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  • Women's role in wartime has been largely overlooked. To remedy this situation, an examination is made here of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire and its contributions to the First World War. As a patriotic women's organization, the Order combined imperialism and the cult of true womanhood to give ardent support to the war effort from within women's proper sphere. As volunteer war workers, Daughters of the Empire made a major contribution of time, material, and funds to help win the War. After first providing background on the organization's formation and its tremendous growth over the War, this thesis examines the lODE's war work. Responding to war issues, looking after medical and comfort needs overseas, caring for dependents and returned soldiers on the homefront, and instilling loyalty through an educational campaign were the main areas of activity. With the range and intensity of this activity, the First World War may have been the greatest period in the lODE's history.

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