Post-Petropolis: Alberta After the Oil Boom

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  • Since the late 1960s, Oil Sand industries continue to scar the land; relentlessly reshaping the topography from wilderness to bulldozed fields in order to suit the strategies of Oil Sand processing and waste storage. This thesis is a counter-factual proposal for the dynamic and fluxing fabric of the Oil Sand industry in Alberta, Canada. Post-Petropolis is the story of conflicting natural and artificial landscapes; a speculative and theoretical proposal that explores today’s immense rate of consumption, our precipitous abuse of the landscape, and the planet’s scarce resources. Post-Petropolis questions whether it is possible to heal the colossal land scars caused by Oil Sand production with an architectural strategy that envisions the post-oil future of Alberta. Consequently, this theoretical architectural fantasy intends to create a new prehensile reality for Alberta after the oil boom...

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