Lo-Fi Music As Architecture: A Rhythmic Transformation at Bank and Heron, Ottawa

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  • This thesis explores Lo-Fi music as a primary inspiration for urban planning and architecture, specifically for the redevelopment of a site situated at the crossing of suburban neighbourhoods in transition, at the corner of Bank Street and Heron Road in Ottawa, Canada. This thesis seeks to translate a specific piece of Lo-Fi music into architectural designs to assist a morphological and atmospheric transformation of this site. "Low Fidelity" or Lo-Fi music works with low-quality imperfections to imbue authenticity to new music. Its compositions cross musical genres, including jazz and hip-hop; the hiss and defects from old recordings create a complex and enveloping atmosphere. By integrating the thematic characteristics of Lo-Fi beats into the design process, a new built environment and novel architectural experience of space are generated, complete with imperfections, and, it is hoped, with cultural relevance, appropriateness, and authenticity.

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