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  • Technology has always been a double edged sword. In the very near-future domestic drones will operate commercially, far beyond the current confines of military applications. This creates a radically new social and spatial condition. Our existing transportation infrastructures and our built environment will need to evolve in response to the wide spread integration of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV/Drones]. UAV's are a controversial technology that boldly embodies many of societies concerns; challenging our notions of privacy, security and surveillance in both private and public space. Drones can inflict unimaginable terror and oppression upon an entire population when weaponized. Conversely the same technology can produce incredible new efficiencies in both communications and distribution on a global scale. Drones have proven themselves incredibly useful for Architects in various ways, but how will the presence of UAV’s in our skies affect the ways we design and build in the near future?

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