A Phonological Analysis of Sergian: Learnability of the Ludling

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  • This study observes the Sergian ludling, focussing on its learnability. This study completes a phonological analysis of the language, observing and applying the rule created to explain the rule' role in the ludling's formation. Participants were split into two groups where one had data useful to specific patterns of sesquisyllables withheld, to observe whether the rule they create with the minimal data exposure can extend to data beyond basic epenthesis. The key questions this paper aims to answer are how much data is needed for an individual to be considered exposed to a crucial rule of the language and to what extent do they acquire it. This paper seeks to answer these questions by analyzing participants' audio-recorded responses. Results showed the more exposure one receives, the more likely they are to acquire and correctly apply the rules; having data useful to specific patterns increased chances of participants obtaining higher scores.

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