The Downstream Targets of MYB-Type Transcription Factors Involved in Suberin Biosynthesis

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  • Suberin is a lipid- and phenolic-based heteropolymer that is deposited in the cell walls of certain plant tissues to act as a physical barrier against unregulated gas, water, or solute movement. Suberin deposition in root endodermis is regulated by MYB-type transcription factors, and under non-stress conditions these include AtMYB53, AtMYB92 and AtMYB93 in Arabidopsis. The transcriptional targets of these MYBs have not been previously reported. In this thesis, the transcriptomes of two Arabidopsis triple knockoutmyb53-myb92-myb93mutants were compared to 14-day old wild-type seedlings using RNA-seq. Also, the transcriptome of a steroid-inducibleAtMYB53overexpression line was compared to an uninduced control in 10-day old seedlings. From these analyses, GDSL-type esterases / acyltransferases, an HXXXD-type (BAHD) acyl-transferase, additional MYB-type transcription factors, a WRKY transcription factor, ABCG-type transporters, and CASP-like assembly proteins were identified as suberin-related genes. Additionally, sequential C-terminal deletions of each of these MYBs revealed important regions for their activity.

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