Molybdenum-100 Targets for Cyclotron Production of Technetium-99m

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  • A process for manufacturing targets for technetium-99m production, via 100Mo(p, 2n)99mTc, is presented. Targets consist of a thin layer of molybdenum-100 pressed into a copper heat sink complete with water cooling channels and O-rings. These targets are designed to be irradiated in cyclotrons at hospitals and regional pharmacies around the world to replace fission produced 99Mo.The iterations and tests leading to the final target design and processing procedures are presented. Physical descriptions of the targets are given, followed by the procedure for manufacture, and process improvements for large-scale production.The importance of 99mTc as a diagnostic imaging tool is presented, with references to instability of current sources and recent shortages, which have had led to world-wide efforts to develop non-reactor produced isotopes.

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