From the Ground Up: The Alpine and Cross-Country Sportscapes of Gatineau Park, 1910-1967

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  • Between 1910 and 1967 the Kingsmere-Camp Fortune area of Gatineau Park evolved from a permeable space of recreational trails and farm roads into two distinct sportscapes produced by the spatial requirements of alpine and cross-country skiing. This thesis examines how people interacted with the recreational landscape through sport, drawing upon Eichberg’s ‘body culture trialectic’ and using the trail network as an experiential archive of sports geography. It describes how the homogeneous ski culture diverged as the meteoric rise in popularity of lift-assisted hill skiing concentrated the development of alpine ski infrastructure at Camp Fortune, creating a modern ski hill and monocultural sportscape there, while leaving the cross country community to develop a network of trails suited to the discipline’s unique spatial needs. The thesis concludes that the National Capital Commission should recognize the history of the network of ski trails and hills developed by the Ottawa Ski Club.

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