A 0.78mm² Co-Channel Interference Canceller in 130nm SOI RF CMOS with Novel Passive Phase Shifters and Combiner Circuitry

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  • An increasingly congested frequency spectrum has presented an unfortunate opportunity for two independent radios on the same device to exist co-channel. Currently, co-channel coexistence requires temporal scheduling to prevent co-channel interference from disrupting downlink communications. This work develops a method of front end co-channel cancellation within the receive chain of a co-channel transceiver to allow for simultaneous operation. An extremely compact co-channel interference canceller (CCIC) is presented. A polar modulator in a feed-forward path creates an inverted copy of the on-board interference signal at RF and recombines in the front end LNA for cancellation. The system contains novel phase shifters and digital capacitor architectures and a novel front end combination circuit. The system provides 6 bits of phase control and 5 bits of amplitude control and 25dB of cancellation is demonstrated. The measured IIP3 was +7dBm and the measured noise figure was 1.5dB with 14dB of LNA gain at 2.2GHz.

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