An Experimental Methodology for Characterizing High Speed Craft Seat Suspension Components

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  • A generalized test procedure was developed with the aim of experimentally characterizing the static and dynamic properties of Shock Mitigation Seats and their components. The composite procedure comprises static, friction, and dynamic tests. A user-friendly Component Testing Machine was designed and built by Carleton University's Applied Dynamics Laboratory to effectively apply the developed procedure to the strut components of the seats, the seat cushions, and the assembled seats. The developed individual test procedures were applied to three typical seats with passive suspension components and one seat with a semi-active suspension system. The three seats with passive suspension were disassembled and their individual components were tested. The semi-active seat was only tested as a full seat. Displacement, velocity, and force data were recorded throughout the testing. Static test data were used to obtain load-displacement plots, stiffness properties, as well as static and kinetic friction values for all the tested elements. Dynamic

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