Deep Learning and Synthetic Imagery for Migratory Bird Species Identification Using Drones

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  • In this thesis work, the use of UAS in the study of migratory shorebird species in Canada is explored with the development of computer vision applications. A deep learning classification model is trained to identify the presence of birds of a given species in an image. Images were collected from UAS for the development of the vision models, and realistic models of the species of interest were used. To address a data scarcity issue, the datasets used were augmented with synthetic data with realistic models of the birds. For evaluation of the quality of the artificially generated images, a novel measure is developed. The synthetic image quality measure showed better results in controlled environments when compared to a popular alternative in the literature. The classifiers trained with the augmented dataset showed appropriate performance, with mean accuracy and standard deviation of 94% +- 0.04 in the test set.

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