The design, analysis and detailing of bolted and welded simple steel connections

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  • The program developed for this thesis will analyse, design and detail orthoganally framed, simple, structural steel connections for various bolted/welded combinations using single or double angles as connectors on beam_to_beam and beam_to _column type connections. Existing steel connection analysis/design software does not sufficiently consider all aspects of strength and geometric design. These deficiencies are addressedwithin the program. Various data files including slip coefficients, electrodes, bolt data, wrench clearances and end distances have been created. All relevant resistances will be compared to the corresponding applied forces and the ratios will be listed in an engineering report along with a three dimensional representation of the designed connection. Erection clearances, electrode angles and fabrication preferences will be included in the geometric design and any connection specified by the program will be constructable. Costing information and moment-rotation relationships have been collected and organized for future incorporation, and file conversion research has been initiated to provide the required file formats to produce the AutoCAD shop drawings. The assumptions, limitations and design procedures are all listed within the thesis and are referenced where applicable. Although the program has been developed as an independent module, it has been designed so that it can be readily incorporated into a design/analysis/fabrication program for steel structures with the development of a few new graphic interface screens.

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