Using the Coalition Battle Management Language Standard for Interacting with the Restful Interoperability Simulation Environment

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  • Computer simulation is used for planning and training for cases where the real-life scenario is expensive, rare or dangerous. Interoperability techniques allow diverse models built using different technologies on different hardware platforms to interact to create a larger, more complex synthetic environment. The Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) standard provides a set of definitions that can be used to communicate a commander’s intent. The Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL) uses the same building blocks to construct an initial definition of a scenario that is to be executed. The Discrete Event Simulation (DEVS) methodology provides a technique for modeling systems that react to external input in the form of events. The RESTful Interoperability Simulation Environment (RISE) provides a web-enabled platform that hosts the execution of DEVS models. This thesis proposes an architecture which adds the capability of using a structured scenario definition language file based on MSDL to initialize a DEVS model, and to provide a structured message based on C-BML as the initial input to a DEVS model. This architecture is validated through the execution of a scenario where civilian emergency services respond to an emergency.

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