Odd Chain Phenolic Lipids in Liposomes as a Delivery System in Food using High Power Ultrasound

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  • Odd chain phenolic lipids have gained increasing interest due to their functionality in food and pharmaceuticals owing to their bioactivity, amphiphilic properties, and use for encapsulation and drug delivery. Alkylresorcinols (ARs) are the most studied and found in high concentrations in wheat bran. In parallel, high power ultrasound (US) is an emerging green non-thermal technology with many applications in food. This research aimed to investigate the use of US to extract crude ARs from wheat bran and potential applications for preparation of liposomal solutions for the production of emulsion-filled gels (EFGs) to delivery functional ingredients and reduce fat in a margarine model. US decreased extraction times of crude ARs from wheat bran from 24 hr to 30 min. Crude ARs and US were then used to develop functional EFGs from US prepared liposomal solutions which were characterized using PLM, water activity, textural analysis, rancimat, and DSC.

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