Social Work Practice, Data, Time and Biopolitics: Looking at Short-Term RFPs in Contemporary Community Practice in a Canadian Context

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  • My study uses Discourse Analysis (Garrity, 2007; Jäger, 2004) to read short-term Request for Proposals (RFPs) to study the relationship between linear temporality, community work and how governments produce vulnerable subjects through data. In particular, I am interested in the ways that linear time serves as a backdrop facilitating the datafication (Dijk, 2014) of practice, and the shift from the relational to the informational in social work practice (Parton, 2008). To get a sense of how linear time and the use of data is potentially implicated in the construction of knowable and governable subjects, I utilize a conceptual framework of Biopower (Cruikshank, 1999; Million, 2013). This study hopes to contribute to relevant social work and communications literatures by focusing on data, subjectivity, linear time as a tool of social control and contemporary social work practice.

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