Cramer-Rao Lower Bound Derivation and Performance Analysis for Space-Based SAR SMTI

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  • This thesis develops the Cram ́er-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB) for multi-channel space- borne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system and provides surface moving target in- dication (SMTI) performance analysis. A multi-channel moving target signal model is derived in satellite earth-fixed earth-centered coordinate system. This model is used in space-time adaptive processing (STAP) approaches for SMTI. A statistical model of the received signal is formed using the derived deterministic target signal, and gaus- sion distributions for noise and clutter. CRLBs for the statistical model and target parameters are derived by solving the derivatives and verified using numerical methods. CRLB is then used to analyse the SMTI performance of RADARSAT-2, RADARSAT constellation mission (RCM) satellite, and a proposed satellite called “TestSAT”, un- der a variety of switching/toggling modes.

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