Electrospun PEDOT:PSS Electrolytic Capacitors Electrodes for Microelectronic Energy Storage

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  • With a growing demand for autonomous sensors, the development of on-silicon supercapacitors is becoming a promising energy storage solution. Electrospinning is used as an additive fabrication method to deposit porous ultrahigh surface area PEDOT:PSS electrodes for use in electrolytic capacitors for microelectronic circuits. The electrospun fibre mats are utilized as both the anode and cathode with Lithium Perchlorate (LiClO4)/ Propylene Carbonate (PC) as the electrolyte. This work investigates the electrochemical operation, charge storage metrics, and lifecycle through cyclic voltammetry, DC charging, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Results demonstrate non-faradaic charge storage dominates up to 1.1 V with a maximum achieved areal capacitance and energy storage of 5.25 mF/cm2

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