The career and compositions of S. C. Eckhardt-Gramatte

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  • Born in Russia in 1899, S. C. Eckhardt-Gramatte achieved renown in Europe as a pianist, violinist, and composer shortly after the end of World War I. After giving up her performing career in the early 1930s, she moved in 1953 to Winnipeg, Canada, where she continued to compose until her death in 1974. She joined the Canadian League of Composers in 1953 and took out Canadian citizenship in 1956. The present paper is a full-length, integrated study of Eckhardt-Gramatte's career and compositions, and as such, for the first time, it brings together articles, concert reviews, program notes, analyses, and so on. More specifically, the paper deals with Eckhardt-Gramatte's development as a composer, so that her biography is examined only to the extent that it has a bearing on the style and nature of her music. Each chapter deals with a separate period in Eckhardt-Gramatte's life and works and although almost all of her compositions are mentioned, several are discussed in some analytical detail.

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