The Relationship Between Attitudes Towards Violence and Violent Behaviour: The Use of Implicit and Self-Report Measures

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  • The current studies investigated the relationship between attitudes towards violence and violent behaviour. Violent attitudes have mostly been assessed with self-report measures. Within social psychology, implicit attitudes have also been assessed using response latency measures finding significance regarding these attitudes. The current studies examined implicit and self-report attitudes, as well as the relationship between attitudes and past/future violence, among three studies (one containing offenders). The effect of observing, or engaging in, violence on attitudes and whether this affects the relationship with violent behaviour was also examined. No significant results were found involving implicit attitudes; however self-report attitudes were positively related to measures of violent behaviour and more positive self-report attitudes were found after observing, or engaging in, the violent task, as was a positive relationship between these attitudes and future violence. These results extend previous research and provide valuable information regarding the role of attitudes in the commission of violence.

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