Simulation of Coordinated Multipoint Using Discrete Event Systems Specification

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  • To be able to test technologies like CoMP before deploying them on the live network, Modeling and Simulation (M&S) software are required. Through M&S, researchers can test their proposed ideas with minimal costs. Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) is a formal platform intended for M&S of discrete time systems. In this thesis, we present a dynamic DEVS-based model for simulating CoMP. Moreover, we present a new architecture for CoMP developed in collaboration with fellow team members at Carleton University and Ericsson Canada Inc. This new approach reduces the number of control messages in the network, hence, increases download and upload rates.To compare the performance of the newly proposed CoMP architecture with the conventional CoMP architectures, a DEVS-based simulator was developed. The results show that the newly proposed architecture significantly reduces the number of control messages required in the network, hence, it improves the data rates.

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