Towards educational equity : an orientation package designed by students at the Carleton University School of Social Work by Heather Baker and Alexandra Salamis.

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  • This project is an exploration of how the Carleton University School of Social Work can translate its new Educational Equity Mission Statement into practice, by focusing on the support needs of new students. A Participatory Action Research framework was chosen to identify methods which would change the process and content of orientation to the School. This involved the participation of second year students in a process which enabled the group to implement action plans. The implemented action plans included: providing information on resources and knowledge about structural inequalities; linking graduate students with undergraduate students to encourage them to explore their own self-determination; providing documentation regarding the history of the School, student activism and the histories and cultural perspectives of marginalized people; and providing a buddy list to encourage contact between students. The overall evaluation of the process found that the lack of time and resources proved to be problematic throughout the project. The facilitators and second year students felt satisfied with having welcomed the new students in an empowering way. The new students confirmed that all the information provided was found to be useful. Final recommendations include how students can continue to work towards structural change.

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  • 1993


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