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Ebooks published in the McGill-Queen's Refugee and Forced Migration Studies Series have been made available by McGill-Queen's University Press ( and Local Engagement Refugee Research Network ( with the assistance of Carleton University Library.

The specific intent is to make these publications available to readers, scholars, and students located in the Global South, where the majority of forced migration unfolds, whose institutions lack the resources to purchase access to these books, as well as to those in other regions who are part of non-profit or community organizations concerned with displacement and who lack alternate forms of access to the book, or the resources needed to purchase these publications.

By downloading this ebook, the user honestly declares to be located in the Global South, or part of a non-profit or community organization concerned with displacement, without the resources to acquire the book otherwise.

If this is not the case, the user agrees to request the book be purchased by their university or local library or to purchase it themselves. Books are available for purchase at reasonable prices directly from the publisher's website at or from a variety of vendors at the retail or wholesale level. For more information, see

The series editors would value hearing about readers' experiences and uses of copies of the ebook obtained in open access. To share, please write to

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